Last Project Review!!

This is my very last blog for my innovation class! I think I’ve met my smart goals throughout this semester. I will for sure know I’ve met these goals when May comes and I’ve completed my last activity with the special education students. I think I’m most proud that my project doesn’t end just because the class ends. I wish I could have been at school last Friday to see the first activity and see if they enjoyed the activities. I’ve learned a lot more about what I want to do and I’ve gain more knowledge about these students that will help me in the future!Image result for knowledge


I will present to the PI Club this afternoon about doing something on the second friday of every month. Some obstacles I’ve faced have been time management and not knowing when to get things done.

I’m trying to make a difference with schools. I will share my solution through my activities.

Over break I will work on my annotated bib. and ideas for this project.

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Progress with my Project

So before break starts I want to talk with the special education teacher about doing something starting in January, on the second friday of every month. I have talked with Jana, the PI Club president, about presenting my idea to the PI Club and getting their ideas of activities we could do with the students. I am worried I won’t have any good ideas for the students to do, this is why I am getting the PI Club help with ideas for activities to do.

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Last Project Planning

I’m continuing with the same driving question “How can I better integrate special needs students into schools?” and I have the same why, because I enjoy spending time with and working with special needs students.Image result for planning

My Smart Goal: Create, get approved and establish a monthly activity program from January-May for the PI club to implement with the exceptional students for Integration.

Specific- January-May (5 months)

Measurable- Monthly

Achievable- yes, only 5 in a semester

Relevant- Integrated activities

Timely- Plan done before Christmas break


I think some obscales I will face will be organization but, if I plan out everything I think I won’t feel overwhelmed and it will be more organized.


A Reflection of My Project

We had our gallery walk yesterday and it went great! I felt a little nervous before hand, but once I started presenting I was fine. The first people to come up to me I knew really well so I felt more comfortable.

I got really positive feedback from everyone. People wrote about how they wanted to help me and how they loved what I was doing!! But I think the hardest thing for me was preparing to present. I got through this with practice.

I wouldn’t redo anything, everyone had fun and was involved at the inclusion lunch.

I learned that when you do some thing you are passionate about people can tell and will support you more. When they know your why they know you are doing something special!

How my Project is Going!

My driving question has been “How can I better integrate special needs children into society?” for about 8-9 weeks now, I think it needs to change to “How can I better integrate special needs students into schools?” I think it needs to change because the things I’m doing involve school and the students.


I finally had my Inclusion Lunch with some of the special needs students and other students in the school. I brought cupcakes, chips and drinks! I think everyone enjoyed hanging out with the students (they asked when we would do this again :)) All I need to do now is to my annotated bibliography and my 3 sided board.

I think I planned this project pretty well, I’d give myself a 8/10 because I feel like I’ve managed my time very well. The hardest thing would have to be my annotated bibliography.  I have enjoyed getting infomation though from special needs teachers.

Inclusion of Special Needs Students

At some point in your life you are going to have to work with or even just talk with a special needs person, so be informed!! We can very easily include them in many different ways, first starting at school. Instead of going to lunch before everyone else we can have some in the cafeteria, others with different situations can eat in a quieter place like the library. They can come to school games and even join the team! Some have physical and mental challenges but they are just like us. Inclusion will help people learn acceptance, we need acceptance in everything.Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 3.13.46 PM

Applying My Project to Life!!

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My driving question, “How can I better integrate special needs children into society?” can apply anywhere and everywhere! It can apply in schools, at a job and basically anywhere people are working together.

This problem could be different in other places and countries because many people have different cultural beliefs that could interfere. A solution for this would be to spread the word of inclusion!! The more people talk and post about inclusion the more the word will get around.

What’s happening??

My project for this 6 weeks it to actually have the special needs students in the library to eat and hang out with other students in the school. My driving question is the same, “How can I better integrate special needs children in to society?” My overall goal is to make the students feel more included and have fun while spending time with other students.Image result for special needs children being included

I think some obstacles for me would be getting more students to participate. I want more people to know about this so they can see the change I am trying to make and possibly help me out!


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